A leading provider of power management products for mobile computers and electronic devices, iGo, partnered with Hotwire to assist in the creation and implementation of a comprehensive go-to-market and product line strategy.

In addition to developing new products, technologies and strategic partnerships to commercialize iGo’s intellectual property, Hotwire’s innovations contributed to a 15x share price increase over a two-year period.

Key Accomplishments:

2 CES Design and Engineering Innovations Awards

Product developments awarded multiple US and International Patents

Product line reduced key retailers SKU count by more than 50%

Packaging statement

Complete product line placed in more that 3,300 U.S. storefronts


Roles & Responsibilities:

Product Development –IP creation, prototyping, performance validation

Industrial Design

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering –supervised & managed electrical designs

Product Marketing – product positioning and product line strategy

Business Development – strategic partnership with leading CE retailer

Graphic Design –innovative packaging statement