Guardian 8

G8 Pro V2 Main Image
Hotwire was approached by Guardian 8 Corporation to help define, design, develop and market their second generation professional security solution, the G8 Pro V2. Our collaboration resulted in the creation of the first Enhanced Non-Lethal device delivering Layered Defense and Incident Recording in a compact, light-weight, handheld platform.

Having launched in the summer of 2013 the G8 Pro V2 is revolutionizing the way security professionals mitigate risk while effectively dealing with aggressive subjects. For additional information please visit Guardian 8.


Key Accomplishments:

    Developed user configurable mechanical & electrical product platform

    Attractive, ruggedized industrial design

    Comprehensive product marketing support


Roles & Responsibilities:

    Product Development – product def., models, factory selection and mfr. liaison

    Industrial Design

    Mechanical Engineering

    Electrical Engineering

    Product Marketing – positioning, copywriting, website, packaging & collateral