Our Team

Hotwire Development is a small and agile team of talented professionals with complementary business skill-sets and a proven track record of creating award winning, patent protected technologies, product lines and businesses. We invite you to meet our founders & management team.

Jeff Doss Hotwire DevelopmentJeff Doss

Product Development
Clear vision and a proven track record of developing better mouse traps – that’s the easiest way to describe him. Jeff pulls development teams together to make good products great. Focusing his energy over the past two decades in the mobile electronics arena, he has developed winning solutions for companies such as Andrew Corporation, Audiovox, Blaupunkt, Dell, IBM and Toshiba. Jeff’s leadership and collaborations have resulted in numerous patents as well as the Best of Comdex Award for New Technology.

Troy Sherman Hotwire DevelopmentTroy Sherman

Product Marketing
Troy knows a lot about products – including how to make, market, merchandise and sell them. His unique blend of analytical and creative skills have enabled him to develop a record of success creating product lines, delivering and executing profitable go to market strategies, developing innovative collateral & messaging, implementing merchandising and training programs as well as securing product placement at key national retailers, resellers and distributors. He has counseled many leading CE companies including APC, Belkin, iGo, Iomega, Targus and Radio Shack.

Charles Lord Hotwire DevelopmentCharles Lord

Industrial Design
Good ideas take shape in Charles’ mind. Precision form, fit and functionality melded with innovation and an elegant “wow” factor are the hallmarks of his industrial designs. Highlighting his quarter century track record of creativity and success are numerous awards including the prestigious IDSA Silver Idea Award, three ID Magazine Design Excellence Awards as well as the DesignFax FiveStar Product Design Award.

Dave Daniel 2Dave Daniel Ph. D.

Electrical Engineering
You’d never know by his soft-spoken, humble manner, but Dave’s the smartest guy in the room. Whether he’s designing cutting edge military hardware, exotic networking architectures or leading remote engineering teams, his inquisitive, thorough and thoughtful nature produces durable designs exceeding their performance and technical specifications. Innovative, on time, on budget, on purpose – that’s the essence of Dr. Dave.

Jason SwansonJason Swanson

Mechanical Engineering
Jason is a hands on mechanical engineer with an entrepreneurial bent. He’s continually sizing up his prey, analyzing its function and determining how to do it better. From mobile power supplies, to high fidelity audio and from energy efficiency to special effects he reels in his programs with vigor and finesse.

Debra Doss Hotwire DevelopmentDebra Doss

Graphic Design
Delightfully different, Debra’s driven by continually thinking outside the box she’s decorating. Possessing nearly two decades of graphic design expertise, her inspirations have spawned some of the biggest artistic and material use trends seen in today’s consumer electronics packaging.

Jan Marvin HotiwreJan Marvin

An expert juggler, Jan keeps the crew in line while successfully keeping the balls of our different enterprises in the air. As a result of her 25 years of experience in HR, accounting and finance she has an in-depth understanding of how to communicate with professionals, direct and manage staff as well as set up financial data infrastructures that are adaptable to the unpredictable nature of startups.

Josh Wedge 2Josh Wedge

Industrial Design