Partnership Model

We engage in Higher Purpose Product Partnerships to help well capitalized early-stage startups design, engineer, develop, manufacture and bring their products to market. So, what does that mean? Well, in a nutshell we’re entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. Hotwire cost-effectively injects our considerable resources, experience and expertise in your company for the purpose of maximizing our collective results. In fact, we’re typically half the cost of traditional design for hire firms and consistently produce better results.

We do this by engaging at a rate reflective of our actual cost (no profit built in) in exchange for upside in the success of your product and/or company. It’s a Higher Purpose Product Partnership rooted in the desire to serve, align and integrate our mutual interests for our mutual benefit. We’re only successful, when you’re successful.

Compare our business model to the traditional design for hire relationship. We believe you’ll appreciate the difference.


Business Model Comparison


Design For Hire
Hotwire Development


It’s Expensive –

Fees include profits and are based on the number of hours spent developing your product.

Lower Development Costs –

Programs are reflective of the actual cost to develop your product and don’t include profit. This can reduce up-front product development expenses by 50% or more.


Conflicting Objectives –

Their success is determined by the amount of time spent developing your product. Your success, on the other hand, is determined by the actual performance of your product in the market place.

Motives Aligned For Success –

Our profit is directly linked to your product’s success – ensuring the development of the most compelling products possible. We’re only successful when you’re successful.


Limited Perspective –

Design and engineering centric product development.

Broad Expertise –

By combining 20 years of successful business development, product marketing and sales expertise with award winning engineering, and manufacturing, we know what it takes to develop successful products and businesses.