Mission & Values

So, what’s our motivation to engage in Higher Purpose Product Partnerships? Quite simply, it’s our way of cultivating a continual passion for innovation and product development while outwardly reflecting the core of who we truly are – as individuals and as a company.

It manifests itself as three distinct, yet interrelated, components: our Higher Purpose, our Mission and our Core Beliefs.

Hotwire Development’s Higher Purpose is the reason we exist. It’s the commitment we serve in everything we do and every decision we make. It’s the destination we’re continually striving to reach.

Our Mission is an expression of the broad strategy governing how we reach (serve) our Higher Purpose. It’s our map (or with today’s technology, our GPS).

Our Core Beliefs form the foundation around which Hotwire Development was created. It’s the road on which we travel.

Hotwire your dreams for a journey down the road less traveled.


Our Higher Purpose:


To ignite innovation by helping entrepreneurs reach their dreams.


Our Mission:


To partner with early-stage startups for the purpose of decreasing the cost and complexity of the product development process while increasing your product’s (company’s) likelihood of success.


Our Core Beliefs:


Differentiation Deserves Development

Quite simply, great ideas should be developed into fantastic products – not confined to an inventor’s hopes and dreams. We’ll help you get there.

Diversification Drives Creation

Broad experience provides better results by injecting expertise from multiple cross-functional disciplines into the product’s soul. Engineering and design are essential, but they are no more important than product marketing, business development and sales. All elements must be carefully baked into the product pie to produce a delicious result.

Experience Enhances Expertise

We have a saying around here, “You can always tell the pioneers by the number of arrows in their backs.” We’ve certainly experienced our share of wounds throughout the past 20 years. But it’s important to remember that injuries heal and, in time, become invaluable learning lessons. They grow character. They grow wisdom. They grow expertise. Why not use our vast product and business development experiences to your benefit?

Partners Prefer Performance

The term “partner” is significantly overused. In today’s popular marketing lingo everyone is a “partner”. Our definition of the term is quite different – we think you’ll like it that way. To us, “partnership” means structuring relationships to ensure our success is entwined with yours. This is the heart of our business model – when you’re successful, we’re successful.

Success Should Be Simplified

Everyone should have access to a single partner for developing and producing great products and businesses. This increases your opportunity for success. At Hotwire we eliminate the necessity of navigating, assembling and managing a maze of developers, industrial designers, engineers, tool and dye makers, factories, product marketing and business development consultants … by providing a single, proven, sensible solution for your product and business development needs.