Extensive Expertise

By combining more than 25 years of successful business development, product marketing and sales expertise with award wining industrial design, engineering and manufacturing, we know what it takes to develop successful products and businesses. Quite simply, we’re more than a team of talented engineers and designers. As a result, our product development expertise is best described as “holistic”.

Whether functioning as your complete product development department or as an extension of your internal team, we’ll provide meaningful, real-world results every step of the way.

We’ll challenge you to think differently and we’ll show you how we’ve been successful launching new products and multi-million unit sellers for ourselves.

You won’t always like what we have to say, but you’ll trust that it comes from our intrinsic desire to make your products and company successful.

How many product development firms do you know of who’ve successfully built multiple businesses themselves?

Partner with us, and you’ll know at least one.

Core Competencies:

Product Development

Product Develoment Thumbnail

Clear vision and a proven track record of developing better mouse traps – that’s the easiest way to describe Hotwire. Our founders pull product development, marketing and business development teams together to make good products great.

Primarily focusing our energies over the past years in the mobile electronics arena, we have created award winning products for companies such as Belkin, iGo, Mobility Electronics, Microsoft and Targus. Our product development leadership and collaborations have resulted in numerous patents as well as the Best of Comdex Award for New Technology.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Good ideas take shape at Hotwire. Precision form, fit and function melded with innovation and an elegant “wow” factor are the hallmarks of our industrial designs.

Highlighting a proven track record of creativity and industrial design success are numerous awards including the prestigious IDSA Silver Idea Award, three ID Magazine Design Excellence Awards, multiple CES Design & Engineering Innovations Awards as well as the DesignFax FiveStar Product Design Award.

Mechanical Engineering

Hotwire Mechanical Engineering

The level of engineering expertise necessary for creating a product model/prototype is one thing, but properly engineering a product for production is quite another. After all, production ready designs must be easily manufacturable and withstand years of consumer use and abuse.

As a company that designs and develops its own retail ready products, Hotwire knows the difference between the two and delivers designs withstanding the tests of time. Throughout our history we’ve overcome some of the most complex mechanical engineering challenges in the industries we’ve served including, but not limited to:

  • system connector interfaced docking stations and port replicators
  • lightweight, fold-flat monitor stands holding more than 50 lbs
  • cantilevered monitor stands holding more than 50 lbs
  • compact, force balancing thermostatic valves

Electrical Engineering

Hotwire Electrical Engineering

Hotwire’s founders have overseen some of the most complex electrical engineering challenges imaginable – winning the Best of Comdex, New Technology Award for transporting a computer’s PCI Bus over a high-speed, serialized cable link. The invention revolutionized mobile computing docking, video and storage while forging foundations for today’s PCI Express and Thunderbolt technologies.

The Hotwire team possesses core electrical engineering expertise in several of today’s most compelling market areas including networking, communications, PC virtualization, computer expansion systems and power.

Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Tooling


Hotwire’s founders have been building products overseas at high quality production facilities for nearly 20 years. Our manufacturing and tooling partners are located in China, Malaysia and Taiwan, meet or exceed ISO manufacturing standards and have passed product quality, process and workplace condition audits from some of the largest CE OEM’s and retailers in the US (among these are APC, HP, Costco and Walmart). We’re ideally positioned to help you maximize production quality while minimizing product cost.

Product Marketing

Product Marketing TN

Hotwire knows a lot about products – including how to make, market and merchandise them. Our unique blend of analytical and creative skills have enabled us to develop a proven track record of success by delivering and executing profitable go to market strategies, creating innovative collateral and messaging as well as implementing retail store level merchandising and training programs.

Throughout the past years our founders have used their vast product marketing expertise to counsel many of the leading brands within the consumer electronics industry including APC, Belkin, iGo, Iomega, Mitsubishi, Targus and Radio Shack.

Business Development & IP Licensing

Business Dev

Product development is our passion, but its impossible to succeed unless you can also develop markets for your creations. Throughout the years we’ve placed our own products at major retailers such as Ace Hardware, BJ’s Wholesale, Costco, Home Depot, QVC, Sam’s Club and Staples. We’ve also formed private label and/or licensing agreements with the largest names in the computing and CE industries including APC, Belkin, Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Targus and Toshiba.

We not only make great products, we know how to sell them too.

Product Packaging

Hotwire Packaging TN

Delightfully different, Hotwire’s driven by continually thinking outside the box we’re decorating. Possessing more than 20 years of packaging design expertise, our inspirations have spawned some of the biggest artistic and material use trends seen in today’s consumer electronics packaging.

Website Development

Hotwire Website TN

Having a “pretty” website shouldn’t be your largest website development expense. The key to having a great website is… great content. It’s king, and in today’s ultra-competitve online environment, your website must sound (read) every bit as good as it looks.

Achieving this means product positioning, copywriting, photography, organizational structure and yes, ultimately design, integrate to deliver a unified and visually relevant message. It’s all about great content – how it reads and how it’s organized.

With more than 20 years of award winning product marketing, copywriting and graphic design expertise, Hotwire is here to help. As Forrest Gump likes to say, “Pretty is as pretty does.”

At Hotwire Development we give our clients an on-line presense that’s truly as good as it looks. But don’t take our word for it, judge for yourself by looking at the images and links below.

Arizona Academy of Youth Soccer


Guardian 8

evolve Showerheads

Marketing Collateral

Hotwire Collateral TN

Creating great collateral means leveraging the medium to maximize the message. Brochures, datasheets, mailers, PowerPoint presentations, tradeshow booths, wine labels (yes, wine labels), corporate logos … they’re all different. Hotwire knows how to ensure maximum impact. We’ve been doing it for ourselves for years.